Our Vendors

Products found on AOTV.shop are the same products found on the “American Outdoors” television show and promoted heavily via the AO family of broadcast properties, which includes:

  • “American Outdoors”: Since 1968, America’s longest running outdoor TV show. 84 million viewers, 38 million broadcast TV households. Found on the Hunt Channel, TUFF-TV, and Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable), as well as digital channels of Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast. Click here for a channel guide. www.AOTVShow.com.
  • “History of the Gun”: Each week we follow an iconic firearm of the past and look at how it has advanced and progressed to its present form. This means fun on the range shooting these guns and factory tours understanding how they are manufactured. Airs on: The Hunt Channel, TUFF-TV, Spectrum and 19 independent stations to approximately 125 million viewers in 48 million households in the United States and Puerto Rico. Its network of 45 broadcast affiliates in 42 television markets is available in 11 of the top 25 U.S. designated market areas, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Denver, Orlando, and Cleveland. www.HistoryOfTheGunTV.com
  • “Welcome Home”: Next to our family, our home is the biggest investment we’ll ever make. Welcome Home covers DIY and everything to do with the home, family, pets, projects, outdoor living, and more. Jason and I started producing Welcome Home in 1998 for HGTV. After a couple of years, HGTV wanted a younger face and demographic, so we started producing and airing it for ourselves. Airs on: Spectrum to approximately 10 million viewers in the eastern United States. We produce and air 13 weeks of original programming each year. www.WelcomeHomeTV.net
  • “Technology Today”: Covers the future of technology as it’s developing today. We cover consumer electronics, automotive products, alternative energy, and social trends in technology. Each year we cover CES show in Las Vegas, the largest trade show in the world. Airs on: Spectrum to approximately 10 million viewers in the eastern United States. We produce and air six weeks of original programming each year. www.TechTV.today

Our vendors love AOTV.shop because:

  1. AOTV.shop is not open to all products, only to quality products from quality vendors. Their products will never have to compete with cheap imported or counterfeit goods. AOTV vets the vendors and their products that appear on the website to protect the consumer and our marketplace.
  2. There is no cost for vendors to sell their products on AOTV.
  3. Products on the site are rated by consumer reviews, and vendors are also rated. In addition, select vendors can receive the AOTV stamp of excellence, all of which build confidence in the consumer purchase process.
  4. AOTV offers reasonably priced video services so you can add explanatory review videos that show your customers how your products work
  5. There is no membership fee at AOTV, and all shipping is free on all products, all the time.
  6. MAP (minimum advertised pricing) takes the guesswork out of buying. Consumers have no need to look elsewhere for better deals. Studies have shown over 50% of buyers who compare pricing between different sites end up putting off their purchases, and in the majority of instances end up buying competing products.
  7. Products are shipped directly to customers from the vendor, saving on shipping costs and time to merchant warehouses. AOTV customers get their products first, before other merchants have access to them.
  8. Our technology enables vendors to connect directly with consumers, answering questions regarding their products before and after the sale.
  9. Our technology cuts out middle layers of distributors and reps, and enables vendors to sell directly to the public. There’s no need to develop costly e-commerce platforms and then figure out how to drive traffic to them. American Outdoors media drives traffic right to the place where America loves to shop. Our vendors can concentrate on doing what they do best, building quality outdoor products that Americans want. Then vendors can afford to pass on these savings to customers. Everybody wins.
  10. Vendors get immediate payment and do not have to worry about collections.

Click here to become a vendor. Make sure when you apply that you check the Apply to become a vendor checkbox, and read and check the vendor terms and conditions checkbox. We will get back with you the same or next business day.