Natural Oak Leaf Leather Leash, 6’x1″

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With our natural oak leaf leather leashes, you could eliminate the reactions caused by allergies to metal, plastic, nylon, or rubber. Those symptoms can include hair loss, scratching, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, head shaking, ear infections, lack of appetite, hot spots, skin rash, and more. Our companions suffer from the same allergens as we do. Ignoring the symptoms could cause great harm to your pet.



Our 6’x1″ natural oak leaf leather leash is great for training or just everyday use with your dog. We avoid the use of raw materials like rivets and even stitching to protect your dog from the risk of contact allergens. We focus on protecting your companion from the discomforts of itching, scratching, redness, and sores caused by allergic reactions to metals, plastic, rubber, and nylon.

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I created Collar Guard out of necessity. My dog could not wear ANY type of collar without breaking into a terrible rash. She had allergies to the raw materials used to manufacture collars, i.e., nylon, metal, plastic, nickel, rubber, even leather that had been tanned. This is why I use natural leather on my leashes.  Available in 2′ 4′ and 6′

Your Dog shouldn’t have to Suffer From Contact Allergens



Our Leather Leashes come in 2’x1” 4’x1/2” and 6’x1” made of durable oakleaf natural leather without stitching or rivets – eliminating the risk of contact allergens


Getting your dog relief from the discomfort of itching, scratching, redness and sores is probably a top priority for you

Contact Allergen is one of five allergens that may be affecting your dog. It occurs when your pet encounters objects that cause an allergic reaction; Plastic, Metal/Nickle, Nylon/ Flea Collars, Even Toys. Treatment is as easy as slipping a Collar Guard over your existing collar. Removing the culprit from your dog’s environment.

With Collar Guard, you could eliminate symptoms and reaction to allergens such as; hair loss, scratching, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, head shaking, ear infection, lack of appetite, hot spot, skin rash and more