Road Shower 2

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The Solar Shower of the Future is Here!

Imagine enjoying the comfort of hot pressurized water on your motorized travels. Road Shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle rack. With the Road Shower you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go without the hassle of propane, pumps, or long set up times. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses: from the camp hose for dishes, a pressurized jet to rinse off dirty gear, a gentle spray for the pets, or for extra drinking water. It can be filled and pressurized by simply attaching and filling with your garden hose. Or you can fill it with water from a jug or hose and pump it up with a compressor or bike pump.

In an emergency situation, such as a hurricane, or earthquake, you can still have hot pressurized water for years!

It has an on/off elbow with a black handle, so you can remove the hose while it is pressurized. In addition, RS 2 has a loop to lock it to your rack. Also, it will come with a small stick-on thermometer as show in one of the pictures. It also comes with mounting brackets to mount to your rack. The hose is food grade material. The cap releases pressure at 25 PSI in case of over pressurization.

There are many instructional videos, photos, and testimonials at my website roadshowerdotcom.

Shipping will be by ground only to the lower 48 states via Fedex. Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and international buyers, please go to my eBay store.

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The Rack Mounted Solar Shower

Road Shower retains the simple, sun-heated concept of a shower bag but adds the durability, increased capacity and fixed convenience of a rack-mounted, 5-gallon capacity aluminum cylinder as its container. The second key difference is the unit’s approach to flow, a novel pressurizing system already elevated by its mounting. Cotton, an avid cyclist, realized that simple bike pumps could quickly add the psi that other systems lacked (or weakly tried to add through hand pump systems; e.g., Zodi systems). And that’s just one area of core simplicity that the Road Shower attempts to harness.

The other—the beauty and power of a solar-powered system—means it’s most ready to use when you’re most ready for it, meaning the sun has done its job on the water, and it’s done it on you. When the sun is relatively abundant and air temp is reasonable, that all works out perfectly, since your workout or drive is done about the time the water is also done (heating, that is). As you rack your mountain bike or finish setting up camp the Road Shower is ready to provide the clean up.

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