Vendor Tools

AOTV partners with top outdoor product merchandisers to bring innovative and quality products to market. In addition to listing outstanding products on AOTV, we offer additional tools and services.

TV Commercials
To our first vendors who signed up in January, while space lasts, we are giving a free 30-second spot on “American Outdoors” TV show. If you have a spot already produced, you can send it to us. If you signed up while at Outdoor Retailer, we filmed a segment and will be adding it for you. For more information please contact us.

Infomercial – NEW!
We are now launching social media/web infomercials. You supply your product, B-roll or photos if you have them, and a sell sheet, and we produce the infomercial. We embed it on your product page, and we blast it out on Facebook. You can embed it on your site, too.  The production fee is $500. If you are interested please contact us.

Social Media
Be sure to like our new Facebook page, We want to feature your products on this page. We were live-streaming from Outdoor Retailer and the SHOT show in January 2017, and Interbike in September. We also recorded segments there and at the ATA show in Indianapolis for later broadcast. We will be repeating the schedule in 2018.

If you have a video you would like us to post to our Facebook page, we require it in mp4 format. We will add a tag “Available for” and post it to our page. If you have only a YouTube link, send that to us, and we will copy the video, add our tag and upload it to Facebook. If you are interested please contact us.

Boosting Your Facebook Infomercial or Video
We have been actively posting our live-streaming videos to Facebook, with more to come. If you want to help us boost these posts, Facebook charges about $5 per 1,000 impressions. Boosted posts reach beyond our combined network to anyone interested in the great American outdoors. We collect no fees for this service; whatever you budget goes directly to FB. To do this, simply use our Boost Your Facebook Video secure eCommerce form.

American Outdoors Radio Network
“American Outdoors,” the oldest outdoor television show in America, is now bringing the country the American Outdoors Radio Network ( for the latest in outdoor news, outdoor gear, and outdoor fun. Download our free app from Apple’s iTunes App Store or the Google Play App store so you can listen to us while on the go, at the office, or on the trail.

  • 30-second radio commercial package
    30 Days / 100 Commercials: $175
    (One month free to new vendors)
  • Interview for radio + 30-second radio commercial package
    5- to 6-minute interview + 100 Commercials: $425
    ($200 to vendors)

American Outdoors Press Release Services

  • Distribution of press release through American Outdoors to 10 industry publications: $99  
    (Free to new vendors)
  • Creation and distribution of press release through American Outdoors to 10 industry publications: $250   
    ($75 for vendors)
  • Video news release to social media and industry publications: $1500 
    ($450 for vendors)

Other services

  • Product photography: $20 per product shot, $100 minimum per session
  • Warehousing and fulfillment: Available for companies that need U.S.-based fulfillment
  • Marketing/branding/logo creation
  • Website creation/hosting

Other links

If you are interested an any of these services, please contact us via our vendor support page.